Watch Zirah Jamal Baju Hijau Video

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Zirah Jamal Telegram

There is a multi-platform messaging service called Telegram which was founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, although it is temporarily banned in Russia for this reason, and has no affiliation with any government or company. Since its launch on iOS and Android in late 2013, the app has been used by an estimated 550 million people every month. It has been found that Telegram’s user base tends to increase whenever a privacy scandal hits one of its larger competitors in the industry. 

There is something about Telegram that makes it unique, and that is its focus on privacy, encryption, and open-source APIs. Along with the official Telegram apps and web interface, there are countless unofficial clients that you can download as well. It is also possible to use the same account on multiple devices (verified by SMS), and to have multiple accounts on the same device at the same time.

There are some core features of Telegram that are the same as those in most other messaging applications: you can message other Telegram users, you can create group conversations, you can call contacts, you can make video calls, and you can share files and stickers. It is true, however, that there are a few specific features that make it work differently from other apps in the same category.

Watch Zirah Jamal Baju Hijau Video

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