Watch Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked

Watch Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Below – Photos and videos which were leaked online were taken in the aftermath of Wisconsin’s win the national championship last December, which led to the leak of the photos and videos.

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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, most of the content that was posted on the websites where it was posted without the players’ consent has been removed. There is a photo that appeared in the Sentinel, which shows a number of players with their sports bras lifted during the team’s private celebration after winning the Big Ten title earlier this month.

Detail on Wisconsin volleyball leaked video

There has been a leak of private, explicit photos and videos of the women’s volleyball team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that many already knew about, so on October 19, the athletics department at the university confirmed what many already knew: these are private, explicit photos and videos. It is believed that the images appeared on a variety of platforms, including 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, Imgur, Telegram, Discord, and TikTok, and remain accessible via most of these social media channels to this day. 

This material was being investigated by the UW-Madison Police Department, which is the law enforcement agency responsible for the university’s campus, as being revenge porn, a misdemeanor in the state of Wisconsin punishable by up to nine months imprisonment and a fine of $10,000. The Wisconsin law regarding revenge porn is broader than most in that it does not require that such content be disseminated in order to cause “harassment, embarrassment, or humiliation” to the individuals depicted, just that it be shared without their consent as a “private representation”.

According to the school’s statement, the women on the team were also not being investigated for any wrongdoing on their own part, and they were not being investigated in any way.   

Despite the current situation, the Wisconsin women’s volleyball team has remained focused on the court, scoring victories over Michigan State and Michigan over the weekend in spite of the situation.

Watch Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked

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