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The Stanislav Reshetnyak video is in demand because people want to know how come a boyfriend killed his girlfriend for money. Currently, there is a trending video on the internet that shows a man killing his girlfriend live on live streaming to get money.

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I will be sharing with you the full video link of Stanislav Reshetnyak’s murder and the whole story behind how he was able to do that.

The Whole Story of Stanislav Reshetnyak

As a result of live streaming, internet culture has been changed in a variety of ways. The impact of some of them has been enormous, with charity streams raising millions for charities, opening up a new way of earning a living, making people into internet celebrities overnight, and capturing murder in cold blood – heck, what’s that all about?

December 2020, Russia. Stanislav Reshetnyak, aka Stas Reeflay, is a self-proclaimed “trash streamer” running a livestream with Valentina Grigoryeva, his pregnant girlfriend who goes by the name of Stas Reeflay. As it turns out, this guy has a history of abusing his girlfriend live on stream, and apparently his fans absolutely loved it, paying him money and suggesting ways for him to abuse her.

In this stream the situation would be utterly different, because when a fan paid him a thousand dollars and told him to lock heroutside in only her underwear, that’s exactly what he did. I’m not sure if you know this, but Russian winters are known for their brutality. Don’t forget that Valentina is also PREGNANT at the moment. After a long time, Reeflay reaches a point where she decides she’s had enough. So she decides to go and get her, only to discover that she has stopped breathing and has no pulse. The moment Reeflay realizes his daughter is afraid, he tries to wake her up, but when she doesn’t wake up, he puts her on the couch and starts crying into the camera as he tries to wake her up.

Valya, are you still alive? What’s up, bunny? Honestly, you look like a dead person, Valya. Bunny, tell me something, please. I’m worried. Oh my gosh… I can’t feel her heartbeat. Hey guys… There’s no pulse… Her skin is pale. Her breathing has stopped. Wake up Baby, Valya Please, I love you, wake up.”

Isn’t it obvious that he calls the police and cuts off the livestream? Nah just kidding, he streamed for another two hours with her body on the sofa and didn’t even stop when the authorities arrived. The paramedic literally declares her dead as he enters the room. She was pregnant once again.

He faces up to 15 years in prison, which is absurd. I don’t understand why nobody caught him before this shitshow. He abused her quite a bit, as I mentioned. Was anyone remorseful over this? Probably not, since it’s the internet. The loss of two lives is just incredibly sad.

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