Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Leaked Photos

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Leaked Photos – On Netflix, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story introduces and recalls the events surrounding serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. As played by Evan Peters in American Horror Story, Jeffrey murders 17 men between 1978 and 1991 while evading the police.

After escaped victim Tracy Edwards (played by Shaun J. Brown) approached the authorities in July 1991 about Jeffrey drugging and trying to kill him, they learned the full extent of Jeffrey’s crimes.Jeffrey’s killing sprees were characterized by a disturbing trait in the first episode of Monster.

He would take polaroid photos of his victims in various horrific states after committing the crime. At the time, he didn’t realize that these photos would eventually lead to his death and make him guilty of murder. The polaroid photos and why Jeffrey felt he needed to capture them are explained below:

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CONTENT WARNING: The contents of this article may trigger certain readers and be disturbing. Team LHRC!!

How did Jeffrey Dahmer’s polaroid photos help with his arrest?

A handcuffed Tracy Edwards flagged down the Milwaukee police at 11:30 p.m. that night. In order to remove the handcuffs, he explained to the officers that a “freak” kidnapped him and handcuffed him. Edwards agreed to take the police back to Jeffrey’s apartment when their keys failed to work.

One of the officers noticed an offensive smell coming from the premises and boxes of hydrochloric acid lying around. In the process of searching the living space, Tracy led them to Jeffrey’s bedroom, claiming he had hidden the intended murder weapon there. 

A knife and 84 polaroid photos of the victims in various states of dismemberment were discovered in Jeffrey’s bedside drawer. Rolf Mueller, the officer who found the photos, exclaimed to his partner, “These are for real.” Jeffrey tried to fight off arrest but was unable to do so. When the officers handcuffed him on the spot, he uttered, “For what I did, I should be dead.”.

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Reason behind Jeffrey Dahmer taking polaroids of his victims?

The photos of Jeffrey’s murders were haunting, but it’s hard to say exactly why he decided to document the entire process. A reason he may have done this was to see his victims “at various stages of the murder process, so he could relive each act afterward.”

According to ELLE Australia, Jeffrey kept the pictures and body parts for another reason. According to The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, he often felt lonely and isolated. His mementos kept him company, therefore.’

As a result of this evidence, Jeffrey eventually pleaded guilty to 16 counts of murder and received 16 life sentences. In 1994, he died in prison after being arrested in 1991.

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