MG NREGA.nic .in Job Card list 2022 – Latest Updates & News

MG NREGA.nic .in Job Card list 2022 – Latest Updates & News

At present, the government scheme named NREGA OR MGNREGA is so popular in rural areas that it supports the livelihood of many households; Those who were unemployed due to no skill, they are getting work and earning some income.

Also, many of you may also know it as NREGA, as it was earlier named. Later Mahatma Gandhi was added to it, making it MGNREGA/MNREGA. The work is the same, giving people at least 100 days of employment in a year. Thus it is doing very good work in the field of rural development.


The Government of India (GOI) introduced the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) in the year 2005. Later, after 3 years; its name was changed to MGNREGA or (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). The objective of this act is to provide livelihood, employment, and livelihood to the rural population of India.

According to MGNREGA, any adult non-skilled worker from a rural area of ​​India will be eligible to get a guaranteed job under the 100-day job scheme every financial year. If a person enrolls themselves under this scheme, they will be eligible for the job within 15 days from the date of registration under the Act. At present, the minimum wages are fixed by the respective state governments. This Act is effective in all the states of India except Jammu and Kashmir.

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NREGA Full Form

The full form of NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) is National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. But now its name has been changed by government from NREGA to MGNREGA. The name was changed on 2009 October 02 and the name given was Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

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What is the objective of MGNREGA?

Its main objective is to avail the employment to the needy people living in the village and increase their work force. So that the needy people living in the village can get employment in the village itself instead of going to the city.

Work under MGNREGA

  • Gaushala construction work
  • plantation work
  • housing construction
  • road construction
  • chuck bond work
  • irrigation work etc

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How to apply for NREGA scheme?

The following points should be kept in mind while applying under NREGA scheme:

  • Applicants should make their application either in the form of a written statement or orally to a Ward Member, Gram Panchayat. Program Office and any officer of the State Government. The application can be made through telephone, interactive voice response system, mobile, website, call center or kiosk set-up as per the authority of the state government.
  • If the application is made in writing, some details such as job card registration number, date of work required and number of working days required. Applicants can submit a handwritten application or a printed proforma, which can be obtained from the Gram Panchayat free of cost.
  • Ward members, school teachers, self-help groups, Anganwadi workers, village level revenue functionaries, Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Labor Groups and Common Service Centers (CSCs) to receive work applications on regular basis to Gram Panchayats to assess the demand will have to be nominated.
  • Rural workers have to be available at the Gram Panchayat office while applying for employment. Gram Rozgar Sahayak will enter all the details regarding the employment.
  • Applications can be made for work in advance, and the government has also made provisions for multiple applications to be made by the same person. The applicant should ensure that the multiple working periods should not overlap. Individuals can make a single application for multiple periods in a year when employment is being sought.
  • There is also a provision for rural workers to make joint applications involving multiple applicants. This can be done through NGOs and other authorized entities or by themselves.

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MGNREGA – Area of ​​Efficiency

NREGA has coverage across the country except in a few districts with 100% urban population. Since the scheme is primarily aimed at providing facilities to the rural population, the main area of ​​functionality for the MGNREGA scheme is spread only in the rural areas of India. Those districts of all the states of the country which do not have any rural population are not covered under this scheme.

  • New initiative in wage employment program
  • NREGA is one of the largest wage employment programs launched by the Government of India (GoI). It is people-centric and has better reach than most other schemes.
  • This scheme provides wage employment guarantee for rural workers. It is actually driven by the work demand of the workers.
  • The government has also introduced various provisions for compensation and allowances in case there is a problem with the entire salary set-up.
  • State governments are also given incentives to provide employment, wherein 75% of the cost of material and 100% of the labor cost is provided by the Government of India.
  • If any state government fails to provide employment to rural workers, they will have to bear the cost of unemployment allowance.
  • Since the gram panchayats have to implement the MGNREGA scheme across the country, at least 50% of the projects will have to be implemented cost wise.
  • MGNREGA also includes a social audit aspect, where the implementing parties of the projects will be subject to constant scrutiny and oversight.
  • The Central Employment Guarantee Council (CEGC) presents an annual report regarding the outcome of any project implemented to the Government of India in the Parliament session. On the same lines, State Employment Guarantee Councils (SEGCs) are also required to submit a report to their respective State Governments, which has to be submitted to all State Legislatures.

Registration and Verification for NREGA Scheme

The Gram Panchayat will notify the applicants, through a letter or a public notice, when the work has been allotted to them. If the applicant has submitted the mobile number, an intimation SMS will be sent by the Gram Panchayat.

The Program Officer will oversee the employment process and obtain information from the Gram Panchayat regarding the applications made. The number of persons employed and the number of persons not employed will be given by the Gram Panchayat to the Program Officer. If an applicant has not got any work from a particular Gram Panchayat, then demand can be made for the work from the neighboring Gram Panchayat. This process will be facilitated by NREGA Soft.

Benefits of MGNREGA

The benefits of MGNREGA scheme can be summarized as follows:

  • It helps in boosting the consumption growth of the country by increasing the spending power in the rural areas.
  • It enhances the power of Gram Panchayats.
  • It provides guaranteed wage employment in rural areas of the country.
  • It promotes social inclusion of the rural population of the country.
  • It ensures better utilization of land and water resources of rural areas of the country.
  • It ensures better utilization of unused and underutilized labor resources.
  • It promotes the betterment of infrastructure in Indian rural areas.

NREGA Job card

The job card is a card given under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) that offer 100 days of employment to any unskilled labor in every financial year. At the Panchayat level, it is necessary to have a job card to work or ask for work in the works to be done under the MNREGA scheme.

Job card guarantees the right of people to work. The details of the family involved in the work done under NREGA are mentioned in the job card number. That is, in which work he has worked for how many days, the full details of how much he will get his total wages are recorded in his job card.

How to get MNREGA job card?

To get a job card, you have to go to your panchayat office and apply. You can also submit the application by writing in plain paper. After this, after checking the application, the job card is provided to the applicant. To get a job card, you can see the list of documents required below –

  • Passport size photograph of the applicant.
  • Photocopy of Aadhar card.
  • Photocopy of bank passbook.
  • In case of non-availability of Aadhar Card then as an alternative a Photocopy of Ration Card
  • Voter ID Card.

How to apply for job card?

  • Firstly fill the job card application form in plain paper or in the prescribed format.
  • You can also download the Registration Form for Job Card from here – Click Here
  • In the form, give the name of the applicant and the details of the family members.
  • Fill all the information asked in the application form and put your signature or thumb impression below.
  • Now attach the photocopies of all the required documents along with the application form.
  • Submit the application form to your Panchayat office to get the prepared job card.
  • The Screening Committee will examine your application. If the application is found true and the documents are correct, you will get the job card within 30 days.

NREGA Job Card List 2022 State Wise

Serial numberName of State/Union TerritoryActive WorkersTotal WorkersPercentage
1ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR13,88950,80427.34
2ANDHRA PRADESH99,82,3481,95,41,72451.08
3ARUNACHAL PRADESH2,98,1524,96,67060.03
7DN HAVELI AND DD032,8700.00
11HIMACHAL PRADESH13,47,51427,48,05049.04
12JAMMU AND KASHMIR15,37,06923,40,49965.67
18MADHYA PRADESH1,08,45,7271,72,11,83063.01
29TAMIL NADU91,05,0071,33,48,26768.21
32UTTAR PRADESH1,64,62,5213,33,43,44649.37
34WEST BENGAL1,66,19,8153,39,77,03048.91

What are the schemes under NREGA?

Ans. Under the NREGA scheme, works are done to construct anicuts for housing construction, water conservation, horticulture, canal digging, pond digging and water conservation.

When did MGNREGA start?

The NREGA scheme was passed on 2-October 2005. It was initiallt started in India on 2 February 2006 in a small village named Anantapur in Bandawali district of Andhra Pradesh. Initially this scheme was implemented and covering about 200 districts. Later it was implemented all over India on 1 April 2008.

When do NREGA Pay?

Those who have not received their money yet can visit the official website of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA at and see the payment list. However, according to the latest news, the money of MGNREGA workers, their total wages, has been sent to everyone’s bank account till March 2022 by the Government of India.

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