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Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa, the South African actress and fashion designer, took to social media earlier this week to expose a stranger who was threatening to leak private conversations and ‘s*xy pictures’ of her online as part of a cyber-bullying campaign.

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Who threatning Enhle Mbali?

When she was having this conversation with the stranger, she asked the stranger the following question: “Why are you telling me about Peter? ”

As a result, the stranger replied: “We have the s*xy pictures you sent each other that will attract more views,” and then they added, “We also have rights, so you have been warned.”.

Several years ago she wrote in an Instagram post that she spoke out against the evil and gaslighting that have forced me into a psychiatric ward, in part, because it is outrageous that I would recognize #AmaLungelo, for which women such as Sojourner had fought.

“All because of the fact that I’m not a member of a cabal! #SonkeSinamaLungelo enters the country illegally. Abuse is abuse!”.

It was reported by “Times Live” that Mlotshwa wanted to spread the word about her experience to as many people as possible, as she said she wanted every person to know about it.

As per her, sharing the messages on social media was the only way that she could expose a fraction of what she has been suffering for almost five years in silence through the sharing of the messages.

“Even the people who hide behind unregistered numbers are not above the law, she says, and she understands that social media can serve as a powerful tool for informing her “tormentors” that they cannot be above the law.

Watch Enhle Mbali Tlof Tlof Video

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